Who is Timothy Paul Jones?

I’m a pastor, professor, and bestselling author of such books as Why Should I Trust the Bible?, How We Got the Bible, Misquoting Truth, and The Da Vinci Codebreaker.

I believe in a divine Messiah who drew his first breath between a virgin's knees, a wandering teacher who called his followers to seek justice for the marginalized and to identify with the oppressed, a crucified Jew who checked out of his own tomb alive and well, and a risen King who commissioned his followers to proclaim the good news of his kingdom in every nation. I believe that it is only through trust in this King’s sacrifice of himself in our place that anyone can be made right with God.

I believe that this divine Messiah is also the Second Person of the Triune God who created the cosmos and who reigns over all time and space.

I believe the prophecies that point forward to Jesus in the Old Testament and the recollections about him that fill the New Testament.

I believe that God will one day re-create this world and flood every crevasse and crest of the cosmos with equity and justice.

I believe that the Bible—as it was originally written and meant to be read—never errs.

I take the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Abstract of Principles to provide accurate summaries of the most vital truths confessed in the Bible.

I do not accept any of these claims blindly. I am fully aware that I and billions of others around the globe might be wrong. Yet the deeper I’ve delved into these claims, the more I’ve come to believe that this faith makes the best sense of the evidence.

For more information about me, go to TimothyPaulJones.com.

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Who is this newsletter for?

I write for people who believe that Jesus is alive, who are convinced that traces of God’s truth can be found in every place, and who see too much beauty around them to be convinced that it’s all the result of random chance.

I also write for people who are uncertain about Christianity and who long for honest discussions of the difficulties that make the Bible hard to believe.

If you’re hoping for reactionary hot takes in response to every current issue, this is not the newsletter you’re looking for. If you’re looking for frantic analyses of cultural decay, this newsletter is not for you. If you think that the purpose of apologetics is to obliterate other worldviews, this newsletter is likely to disappoint you.

But there’s a way that’s better and more beautiful than antitheses and anger.

If you yearn to engage other worldviews with humility and grace, this might be your kind of newsletter. If you want to consider how Jesus makes the best sense of truths that Christians and non-Christians share, you’ll probably like what you find here. If you want to defend the Christian faith with more beauty and less outrage, this is your place. If you take the perspectives of Augustine of Hippo and Athanasius of Alexandria and Thomas Aquinas far more seriously than you take any current pundits, you will be delighted in what you find here.

The world is broken, but it is also beautiful and filled to the brim with common grace.

Drink deeply of the beauty around you, invest your life in a church that makes its context more beautiful, and point to that beauty as living evidence of the truth of the risen Jesus.

Be patient.

Cultivate goodness that will last.

“Darkness is just a speck in the light” (King’s X, “Faith, Hope, Love”).

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Professor. Pastor. Author of WHY SHOULD I TRUST THE BIBLE?, HOW WE GOT THE BIBLE, IN CHURCH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, and more. www.TimothyPaulJones.com